This year, through the generous donation of a retiring Justice of the Peace, AJPO Toronto is able to double its award at the 4thAnnual Bursary Award Ceremony at Old City Hall, Courtroom 121 at 5:30 today.

The Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario (AJPO) launched the Bursary Award Programme 4 years ago in support of post-secondary students interested in pursuing studies in some aspect of the law.  The Programme is seen as complimentary to other activities involving  secondary school and college students in which AJPO members participate, such as Mock Trial competitions, Careers Day seminars and the Court Experience Programme, to name a few.

AJPO partnered with the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN), which acts as a clearinghouse for the applications by receiving them at one central point and then forwarding them on to the relevant regions for review and decision.

Since the AJPO Bursary was launched four years ago, the Toronto Region has organized an Award ceremony and reception for recipients, their guests and the judiciary at Old City in the ornate Courtroom 121. In addition, the Association will unveil a commemorative Bursary plaque honouring past recipients that will be installed in the halls of justice at Old City Hall.

“The Bursary recipients are not the only beneficiaries of the Programme,” said Her Worship Lynne Stethem, “it is, in fact, an activity that is proving to be amongst the most rewarding for the AJPO members who participate in it.”

The 2011 AJPO Bursary Award recipient is Arathi Angel Ajit, from Notre Dame High School.