The Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice is responsible for overseeing the Justices of the Peace. The Ministry of the Attorney General appoints members to bench. Applications are evaluated and interviews for the appointment are conducted by the Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee.


Justices of the Peace must demonstrate a high-level of analytical and decision-making skills, practical judgement, and a commitment to their community. They come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and experiences.

Justices of the Peace must be good at communicating, listening and making impartial, evidence-based decisions. Requirements include a post-secondary education and a minimum 10 years of work experience.


A Justice of the Peace must demonstrate a broad range of qualities and skills, beyond intellectual abilities, including the ability to keep an open mind, be impartial and demonstrate sound judgment. It also requires strong communication skills, compassion and the highest level of integrity.

More details about available positions and the appointment process, including the application, qualifications and desired skills can be found at the Ontario Courts of Justice website 

New Justice of The Peace Appointments