The Association of Justices of the Peace of Ontario supports and advances the professionalism and judicial independence of its members. The Association promotes awareness of the judicial role and its importance to a fair and efficient judicial system.

Justices of the Peace are appointed from within the community to reflect the values and diversity of our community.

The Association advocates on behalf of Justices of the Peace on matters related to workload, education, working conditions, and remuneration. Its members serve or have served in Ontario Courts of Justice across the province of Ontario.

The Association is separate from the Ontario Court of Justice. To learn more about the Courts, visit


While membership in the Association is voluntary, the Chair of the Management Board of Cabinet recognizes the organization as representing Justices of the Peace of Ontario in the commission process that establishes Justice of the Peace remuneration.

The mandate of the Association includes:

  • To represent Justices of the Peace in all matters of general interest, including but not limited to, dealings with the Government of Ontario;
  • To promote and enhance respect for justice in the Province of Ontario;
  • To promote the highest degree of professionalism in the Justices of the Peace bench, including taking all appropriate measures to enhance the stature of Justices of the Peace in the course of their duties and the courts over which they preside; and,
  • To safeguard the independence of the judiciary. For example, the Association has been granted intervenor status at the Supreme Court of Canada on cases involving issues concerning judicial independence.

AJPO leadership

  • Her Worship Veruschka Fisher-Grant
  • Her Worship Maxine Coopersmith
    1st Vice President
  • Her Worship Diane McAleer
    2nd Vice President
  • His Worship Charles Anderson
  • Her Worship Karen Baum
  • Her Worship Catherine Henderson
    Past President